Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now at 9pm!

It's official, One Chord To Another will now be starting at 9pm, beginning next week. I'll also be staying on until midnight, until a new program is scheduled at 11pm. Again, thanks to Erika, Juliana and Michelle for their years of great programming in that time slot!

New Time?

So last week turned out to be the last show for "Leave My Kitten Alone", which was formerly "What's New Pussycat". I'm not sure exactly how long it has been on in the Monday 9pm -11pm time slot, but I know it's been quite a while. Erika and Juliana are both very talented DJ's, and I'll miss them. This leaves something of a hole in the schedule, so I threw my name in the hat for the earlier time slot. It's all up to the KAOS programming committee at this point, so we'll see what happens. If I do get the slot, I'll probably be starting at 9pm next week. Melissa & Patrick from "I'm Not Here To Make Friends" (Thurs. 9p-11p) were in subbing tonight. I showed up a little early, since I didn't bring any music from home this week. As usual, I only played about half of what I pulled. Someone left a couple of pizzas in the studio, and acording to Patrick, they were fine. I didn't test my luck, though. I was surprised to see a new Sparks CD. Their first album came out in 1971, and this is their 24th. I remember Sparks from their single in 1983, "I Predict". I belive my brother really liked the song at the time. Later on, in early high school, I wanted to hear that song again, as I was in an 80's revival phase, the 80's only being freshly expired. I found out that it was on the album "Angst In My Pants" (I had no clue what the title meant - so innocent!), and special ordered the cassette from Camelot Records in South Sound Mall (roughly about where the ladies lingere is in Target now). I also have a copy of their record "Introducing Sparks" which is notable for being on red vinyl and possibly the least essential of all their albums. It was a dollar, and the album photos are hi-larious. Back to the new album, it sounds like Sparks, with really clean production and orchestral flourishes. I didn't get a chance to listen to the song, as I had a call, but I'm very curious to hear how it all plays out. We also got a Built To Spill sampler, with the new single "Goin' Against Your Mind" off of their forthcomming album, You In Reverse. I'd played it off of their Myspace page a couple weeks ago, but I'd heard it on KAOS and KEXP recently, so I figured there was a release of some sort. I'm also thrilled that they released a nearly 9 minute song as a single. I also like what I've heard on the new Bossanova album, but I need to listen to the whole thing. Anyway, a good show.

One Chord To Another - February 27, 2006 Playlist

Yo La Tengo - False Alarm - Elect-O-Pura - Matador
The Weather Machines - Mission: Satellite! - The Sound Of Pseudoscience - Tigers Against Crime!!!
The Minus Five - Leftover Life - The Minus Five (The Gun Album) - Yep Roc
Sparks - (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country - Hello Young Lovers - In The Red
Dept. Of Energy - Summer - EP - Roam Records
New Pornographers - Testament To Youth In Verse - Electric Version - Matador
Matthew Shaw - Late Nights - Convenience - Burning Buildings
Film School - Pitfalls - Film School - Beggars Banquet
The Revolutionary Hydra - oxygen = death - Ratcheting Down The Melancholic Afterbeat; A Novel - Elsinor Records
764-Hero - Calendar Pages - Get Here And Stay - Up
Karl Blau - Into The Nada - Beneath Waves - K
Robert Pollard - The Numbered Head - From A Compound Eye - Merge
Oneida - Each One Teach One - Each One Teach One - Jagjaguwar
Built To Spill - Goin' Against Your Mind - You In Reverse - Warner Bros.
Bossanova - Calvary - Hey, Sugar - Teenbeat
Stereolab - Excursions Into "Oh, A-Oh" - Fab Four Suture - Too Pure
Belle & Sebastian - For The Price of A Cup of Tea - The Life Pursuit - Matador
Tender Forever - The Feeling Of Love - The Soft and the Hardcore - K
Destroyer - Your Blood - Destroyer's Rubies - Merge
Parks & Recreation - Danny Built His House All Spiral - Parks & Recreation - Hush
The American Analog Set - Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home - All Tomorrow's Parties 3.1 - ATP Recordings
Frank Zappa - Cosmik Debris - Strictly Commercial: The Best Of Frank Zappa - Rykodisc

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

False Alarm

So tonight was odd. When I got to the station, the fire alarm light was blinking in the hall. Erika, the DJ before me, said that the alarm went off during her show and she had to leave. But after the firefighters got there, they never said it was OK to go back inside. Eventually the campus police gave the all clear, but when she got back, the light was still blinking. I thought about calling the campus police about the fire strobe, but it seemed like a hassle. Aside from the distraction of the strobe light, it was a good show. Not much new this week, which is always a good excuse to trot out some old favorites. I also didn't get much music pulled before the show, so I had a lot of running back and forth to the library to grab CDs. My favorite new CD the past couple of weeks has been the Department of Energy EP. Hopefully they'll put out a full length soon. I saw them at the 4th Ave Tav few weeks ago, along with Half Acre Day and the Visible Men, and I was really impressed. They also did an awesome cover of the Doors' "Light My Fire". And I'm not even much of a Doors fan. I've also been enjoying the new Belle and Sebastian album. I'm looking forward to seeing them in March with the New Pornographers, despite Ticketmaster shafting us with service charges. A $30 dollar ticket and $15 additional charges is just ridiculous. The last time I saw Belle and Sebastian was downtown at the Capitol Theatre, with Jonathan Richman. Coincidentally, during their final number, "Legal Man", the fire alarm went off.

One Chord To Another - February 20, 2006 Playlist

Film School - 11:11 - Film School - Beggar's Banquet Minus 5 - My Life As A Creep - The Minus 5 (The Gun Album) - Yep Roc Young Fresh Fellows - Aurora Bridge - Refreshments EP - Frontier Belle and Sebastian - We Are The Sleepyheads - The Life Pursuit - Matador The New Pornographers - Star Bodies - Twin Cinema - Matador Presidents of the United States Of America - Feather Pluckin - Presidents of the United States Of America - PopLlama Dept. Of Energy - I Remember What The Light Felt Like - EP - Roam Car Scars - When The Clock Strikes Twelve - Car Scars - Funkytonk Modest Mouse - Doin' The Cockroach - The Lonesome Crowded West - Up Polysics - Teil Teil Teil - Now Is The Time - Tofu Stereolab - Interlock - Fab Four Suture - Too Pure Destroyer - Rubies - Destroyer's Rubies - Merge Spoon - The Agony Of Laffitte - The Agony Of Laffitte - Saddle Creek Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - That's Pep (Devo) - The Brave and the Bold - Overcoat Recordings XTC - Meccanik Dancing - Drums And Wireless: BBC Radio Sessions 77-89 - Nighttracks Sloan - Money City Maniacs - Navy Blues - Murder Records Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day - Today Is The Day - Matador Fastbacks - I Know - New Mansions In Sound - SubPop Arab Strap - There Is No Ending - The Last Romance - Transdreamer Sky Pilots - 90 x 90 - Sky Pilots - Ghost Mansion Gordon Downie - Trick Rider - Coke Machine Glow - Zoe (Request!) The Fucking Am - Bad Leg - Gold - Drag City C Average - Dr. Laura - C Average - Kill Rock Stars

Monday, February 20, 2006

New show tonight, I'll be having an mentoree in the studio tonight. Hopefully he'll bring some records. I'll be playing music from the New Pornographers and Belle & Sebastian, since they have a show at the Paramount in March. Any reqests, email to oc2a@yahoo.com or call during the show, 11 pm to 1am (360) 867-5267. -jk