Monday, April 24, 2006


Two of the albums I've been really excited about are the new Flaming Lips and Built To Spill. I was happy when I got back last week and both were at the station. However, this week the Built To Spill album was missing. Hopefully it was misfiled, or set aside for another show, but it's really annoying when albums disappear from the library. The last Built To Spill album, "Ancient Melodies of the Future, " also was ripped off shortly after it came out as well. *UPDATE* - The Built To Spill turned up. Yay! -jk So far, I really like the new Fiery Furnaces album, "Bitter Tea." I've listened to their last two records, but haven't really gotten into them yet. My favorite discovery this week is a best-of collection of the Shivers called "Lost Hits." I'd never heard of them before, but apparently they're from the late 70's in Milwaukee, WI. I also like the new Don Cabellero, Quasi and Tic Code (from Portland). I'm adjusting to the new time slot. It's weird actually having people around the station while I'm DJing. I've had to cut way back on the air guitar.

Playlist For April 24, 2006

9:00pm the Flaming Lips - Free Radicals - At War With The Mystics - Warner Bros. *NEW* Band Of Horses - Wicked Gil - Everything All The Time - Sub Pop *NEW* Eleventh Day Dream - Lately I've Been Thinking - Zeroes and Ones - Thrill Jockey *NEW* The Fiery Furnaces - Borneo - Bitter Tea - Fat Possum *NEW* Wilderness - Emergency - Vessel States - Jagjaguwar *NEW* the Black Swans - Dark Plums - Sex Brain E.P. - Bwatue *NEW* Destroyer - Sick Priest Learns To Last Forever - Destroyer's Rubies - Merge *NEW* Elf Power - King Of Earth - Back To The Web - Rykodisc *NEW* XTC - No Thugs In Our House - Drums & Wireless - Nighttracks Quasi - The Rhino - When The Going Gets Dark - Touch & Go *NEW* Mates Of State - Fraud In The 80's - Bring It Back - Barsuk *NEW* 10:00pm Sparks - Rock, Rock, Rock - Hello Young Lovers - In The Red *NEW* Starlight Mints - The Bee - Drowaton - Barsuk *NEW* Pavement - Two States - Slanted & Enchanted - Matador Fastbacks - On The Couch - Truth, Corrosion & Sour Bisquits - Book the Pointed Sticks - The Witch - Perfect Youth - Sudden Death the Smugglers - Rock & Roll Was Never This Fun - Growing Up Smuggler - Lookout!/Mint Pretty Girls Make Graves - Domino - Elan Vital - Matador *NEW* Shivers - No Reaction - Lost Hits - Teenline *NEW* Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed - Piccadilly Collection - A&M Bossanova - Rare Brazil - "Hey Sugar" - Teenbeat *NEW* Tic Code - Swedish Fish - Facade - Sickroom *NEW* Don Caballero - I agree.....No!.....I disagree - World Class Listening Problem - Relapse *NEW* VA - Oneida - Spirits - WUAG Presents: 18 Watts Is Better Than None - WUAG *NEW*

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Playlist for April 17th, 2006

9:00pm The Sunshine Fix - Age of the Sun - Age Of The Sun - Emperor Norton Mates Of State - Punchlines - Bring It Back - Barsuk Starlight Mints - Inside Of Me - Drowaton - Barsuk Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D. - At War With The Mystics - Warner Bros. Elf Power - An Old Familiar Scene - Back To The Web - Rykodisc Maritime - People, The Vehicles - We, the Vehicles - Flameshovel Caribou - Hello Hammerheads - The Milk Of Human Kindness - Domino/Leaf Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea - Bitter Tea - Fat Possum Don Caballero - mmmmm acting, I love me some good acting - World Class Listening Problem - Relapse Pink Mountaintops - Cold Criminals - Axis of Evol - Jagjaguwar Rainer Maria - Burn - Catastrophe Keeps Us Together - Grunion 10:00pm Throwing Muses - Bright Yellow Gun - University - Elektra Built To Spill - Conventional Wisdom - You In Reverse - Warner Bros. Band Of Horses - Weed Party - Everything All The Time - Sub Pop Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Number - Elan Vital - Matador Lambchop - Loretta Lung - The Decline Of Country & Western Civilization Part II, The Woodwind Years - Merge Bart Davenport - Eye In The Sky - Seal The Deal - Antenna Farm Rose Melberg - Cast Away The Clouds - Cast Away The Clouds - Double Agent Jon Auer - Bottom Of The Bottle - Songs From The Year Of Our Demise - Pattern 25 Robb Benson - Secret Squirrel - Songs About Songs - Roam Nikki Sudden & The Last Bandits - Fall Any Further - Treasure Island - Secretly Canadian Young Fresh Fellows - John Agar's Revenge - Topsy Turvy - PopLlama Fancey - Magical Summer - The Magical Summer EP - March XTC - Travels In Nihilon - Black Sea - Virgin